It's time to stop bombing your gut with "kill" agents and start developing...

Inside Probiotic Prowess, you'll get everything you need to rebalance your crooked gut AND clean-up your tissue so that it never gets that way again.

I know, I know... 


You want to be DONE with bloating, food sensitivities, and cravings!

You need to get your body back into balance, you feel so inflamed.

You have too many ideas from experts weighing in on how to do this.

You've over trying to DIY all things gut health and falling down every Google rabbit hole to get an answer to every question you have.

You're tired of feeling like you'll never get anywhere with your gut.

You wish there was an easy way to start addressing your bad gut bugs and digesting your food better.


I had a feeling that was the case.


That's why I've put all of the microbiome gold I've used to transform client intestines into this program... you can have only the best of the best at your fingertips.

This is the low-stress, simplified version of microbiome balancing. 

And it works way better than all of those antimicrobials you keep downing.


This is Probiotic Prowess.


Everyone and their mother these days is concerned about their gut health.

The men in the white coats keep telling us it's important. 

And it is! The proof is in the literature-pudding and in how popularized this topic has gotten.

People are improving their health by focusing on their gut.



While gut health is growing in popularity, most people's efforts in this arena flop.

There are far too many people out there using the wrong "band-aid" strategies, failing to get at their root cause.



Inside Probiotic Prowess you'll get exactly what you need to bring your gut bugs back into balance once and for all - so that you can be served by those critters, not hurt by them.

We'll do it systematically, pragmatically, successfully, so you can avoid the most common mistakes.


Mistakes like thinking...

"I have microbiome issues, so I'm always on an antimicrobial."

Antimicrobials might offer some temporary relief, but they fail to get to the heart of the matter: fixing your ecosystem! Using the microbiome startegies we employ in Probiotic Prowess, we stop nuking your gut with kill-agents, and finally get to the root cause of your ailments.

"I've tried probiotics, they didn't do anything/didn't agree with me."

I promise, you haven't tried probiotics like this. My proprietary 3 Amigos Strategy reliably works to wow my private clients over and over again. While probiotics are just one component of what we'll cover in the course - they're a hefty and important piece that most people are doing wrong! Let me teach you what to do instead.

"My digestion is fine, I don't need to do microbiome work."

Where have you been? The gut's microbiome is now firmly linked in literature to skin, nervous system, brain, reproductive, immune, and mental health - among many others! Leveraging the microbiome means improving your health in all of these systems, so if you're struggling in one of them, it's time to get on board.

"I'm too sensitive to try microbiome work."

Did you know the best way to lessen your sensitivity is to improve your body's terrain? This work starts with the microbial populations in your gut!


Being sound in the knowledge that your tissue is protected, and won't attract undesirables in the future that could give you trouble.

The excitement of feeling your body grow stronger and more resilient as you improve your body's terrain.

Experiencing easy digestion at mealtime that allows you to kick back and enjoy your food!

So who made this thing?


Hi, I'm Lucy Nepstad, creator of Probiotic Prowess!

I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who helps autoimmune and digestive clients to get at the root cause of their symptoms through intensive gut work.

You'll find me regularly nerding-out on personality tests, a good David Attenborough doc, weird and ugly animals (I'm looking at you, toads!) - and all things gut!

My greatest joys are my health and freedom— and helping others to reclaim theirs. Let's get you off the couch and into the world. 



This is years in the making! I've translated all of the most efficacious methods I use in my private practice to help clients see results into easy, convenient online courses - to scale impact and get the material into the hands of those who need it most.

With step-by-step tutorials, personalized quizzes, product guides, and in-depth trainings, I've got you covered!


An immaculate gut is within reach - let me help you get closer.

Praise for Lucy...

Amalie says:

"Lucy is incredible! I am in awe of the energy that comes with moving past constant pain, and the freedom that comes from not being afraid of food/eating for the discomfort it may cause. I truly didn't realize how much my unhappy gut was inhibiting my lifestyle until I started to feel better. I will be forever grateful for her guidance and support!"

Hannah says:

"After testing for mold and heavy metals 5 years ago, I have been searching for help everywhere. I went from doctor to doctor, but each one just put me on a bunch of supplements. I probably spent $5000 or more on these over the years. A few weeks into Lucy's program and I was off of almost all of them and feeling better than I had in years. After years of searching I feel like I finally have hope that I can heal."

Who is Probiotic Prowess for?

Digestive Distress

Troubles with digestion?

Bloating, gas, and cramping
Constipation or Diarrhea
Acid Reflux

Restoring our good microbes is our first line of defense against these symptoms.

Toxic Tendencies

Conditions driven by toxicity and inflammation, especially those with:

Mold + chemical sensitivity
Heavy metal problems
Chronic infections
Inflammatory conditions

We've got to get going on cleaning up your ecosystem with microbiome strategies.

Bad Bug Boons 

If you're dealing with chronic presences of pathogenic microbes:

H. Pylori
Blastocystis Hominis
C. Difficile
Other uglies...

...then we need to stop blasting you with kill agents and get to the root cause of dysfunction.

Wondering if this is for you?


This is for you if... 


🦠 You want to cool it with the digestive distress and enjoy normal foods again.

🦠 You want to feel like your body is becoming stronger and more resilient.

🦠 You've decided to focus more on repairing your gut but don't know where to get started.

🦠 You've researched supplements and diets to help with this but you're overwhelmed by all of the random people telling you what to do.

🦠 You've decided to take action but you're overwhelmed by overhauling what feels like your whole life.

🦠 You want an easy, straightforward system for rebalancing your microbiome!


But this is not for you if...


👎 You're looking for a "magic pill".

👎 You don't believe in diet or lifestyle as valid health modalities.

👎 You're not interested in long-term strategies.

👎 You like to move fast and can't devote 30 minutes a day to your health.

What's inside Probiotic Prowess?

You'll use our easy 3 part process to learn, personalize, then take action.


First, you'll get acquainted with the tools you'll use in Probiotic Prowess. You'll take The 3 Amigos Masterclass, a 60 minute in-depth teaching where you'll learn how to use probiotics to detoxify, create synergy, and restore health at the gut AND systemic level. We'll talk theory, physiology, and do literature reviews - but don't worry, I'll use silly metaphors to make sure it lands.

We'll give you everything you need to know to hit the ground running with your action plan!


You've got one more pit stop before you can meaningfully implement healing strategies: personalization! Here you'll take The Bug Balance Exam to assess the microbial balance in your small and large intestines. Your results will give you a unique priority which will guide the intensity with which you apply the therapies suggested in the next phase.

We're stripping away any simplistic, one-size-fit-all ideas, and moving forward with the nuance you deserve as a unique individual!


After the work you've put into understanding WHY you need to take action, it's time to finally act. It's here where you'll get access to The Probiotic Prowess Protocol. It contains 5 simple action steps that represent my best, proprietary client strategies to get your microbiome in ship-shape - fast.

I share my food, lifestyle, and supplement strategies according to your priority level identified in the Bug Balance Exam to help you pinpoint your roadmap. You'll also learn how to track your progress in real time, and how to make great decisions about what's next.

When you enroll in Probiotic Prowess you'll also get:

The Friendly Microbe Audit 

(a $300 value)

A 10-step program for making your environment microbe-friendly.

The Rate Your State Symptom Tracking System

(a $100 value)

Our signature system - symptom tracking has never been this sexy.

Prebiotic Punch Recipes 

(a $50 value)

Cram prebiotics into your diet with these delicious smoothies.

Microbiome Resources

(a $100 value)

Gain inspiration with this compilation of our favorite clean products, tutorials, and recipes - all in one place.

10% off at Fullscript

(a $100+ value)

Get a lifetime discount and instant access to thousands of professional grade supplements at the touch of a click.

An Hour With the Flowers 

(a $100 value)

Nature strategies for better bugs.

The 3 Amigos Supplement Strategy 

(a $200 value)

Our signature probiotic strategy.

Tech Tutorials + Demonstrations

(a $50 value)

To help you put it all together and into practice.

A total value of $1500+


Get started today for just $150!


More Questions? We've got answers!

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


If Probiotic Prowess truly does not help you, simply email us at least 2 completed Rate Your State worksheets with 1 completed Evaluation Form within 30 days of purchase, and we will issue you a full refund.

So, if you want to continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own... keep doing what you're doing! Godspeed.

Or, you could finally have a proven system for restoring equilibrium in your gut ... so you can stop spending your time, money, and energy on kill strategies that don't work.

I know you're ready.


You're ready to finally get to the root cause of your imbalances.


You're ready to stop feeling like you're going around and around in circles with "kill" supplements.

You're ready to start taking action using a proven method that will turn things around fast.


You're ready to see way more progress with way more understanding.

You're ready for a way to get there with less stress, less overwhelm, more ease, and more vitality!

You're ready for Probitoic Prowess.

Probiotic Prowess


The basic program

  • The Probiotic Prowess E-Course (a $1500+ value)








Start With Your Stomach


Get the ENTIRE program!

  • The complete program, Start With Your Stomach (a $5000 value) 
  • Your Personal HCl Challenge E-Course
  • Galvanize Your Gastric E-Course
  • Probiotic Prowess E-Course
  • Over $1000 in bonuses!

While the program is currently closed to the public, watch the free class below to score an invitation.