A novel approach

to autoimmune disease and adventure. What is "gut minimalism" ? 


The 2 pillars

for autoimmune disease management... and a Venn diagram to change your life.


How to prioritize gut therapies

The step-by-step Revive in Five© framework.


Where to start this adventure

The easy baby step to kick things off.


As a fellow autoimmune-sufferer I've wasted a lot of time, money, and energy on eliminating the crap out of my life.


This is what drove me to create a new and unique approach that leverages effective support therapies: the Revive in Five© framework. This flagship program begins with heaps of support for our immune system, nutrient stores, and internal structures, then moves to strategically eliminate triggering factors - while continuing to bolster the defenses as much as possible.

This is where I’ve seen the most movement for clients and for myself, by embracing tactics to make yourself more resilient rather than just cutting out wide swaths of items from you life.

Here’s what the Revive in Five© Program entails:

The Revive in Five Program is so unique because it honors the healing priorities of the body.


Nature has already shown us how to get from point A to point B efficiently. This program was created to work with the body to nudge its systems back into a balanced state in a way that is cumulative and buildable.

You'll start with your stomach.


The stomach is the most overlooked player in digestion, and is potentially the single greatest component of your immune system. Having strong stomach acid ensures you’re able to convert your food into safe nutrients that you can actually absorb (many of us aren’t absorbing our food), and ensures you can neutralize any pathogenic microbes that enter your body through the mouth and nose before they reach the intestines and cause trouble.


Next, you’ll nail your nutrients.


You’ve got to make sure the food you’re eating is brimming with immune-supportive vitamins and minerals, and that you’re not sabotaging yourself by failing to balance your macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.


Then you’ll learn to live lucidly.


Here you'll need to begin thinking about broader lifestyle changes. When you’re lucid you’re clearly able to understand and express. So you’ll focus on incorporating practices that help to galvanize your faculties, promoting your ability to make great decisions for yourself. You’ll de-stress, de-tox, move more, sleep soundly, and seek joy.


The last active intervention step is to cleverly cut-out.


This is where we use elimination dieting. We’ll also use tools like Functional Lab Testing to determine whether we need to consider using antimicrobials to give your system a reset. While we’re doing these targeted “cut-outs” we’ll still focus heavily on strengthening your system using the insights we gained from the previous three steps.


Finally, you'll learn to take it all on the road to a dynamic destination.


Once you've got all the info from the previous 4 steps, and you understand your baseline, you're ready to start thinking about how to repackage all of that into a life outside of routine. You'll need systems in place to understand how to troubleshoot, how to maintain, and how to be flexible. This is where the magic happens.

I don't mean to say it'll be as easy as 1, 2, 3 (4, 5)


But, what if it was?


These are the steps that do the heavy-lifting. That get to the heart of the matter.

There's nuance here, of course. Adjunctive considerations to take into account along the way. 

But, I promise you if you prioritize your energy, time, and money in this way ^ (in this order!!) you're going to be able to build on your progress and gain momentum in a way that creates real results.

I got tingles down my spine just writing that - that happens to me sometimes when I talk about this stuff. It feels like witchy magic, which I guess I'm a big sucker for - but I'm glad it's not. I'm glad it's based on real tangible sciencey fact because I think that's something you value if you're here.


Let’s dig a bit deeper for a moment into the first step: Start with Your Stomach.

This step is first because we’ve got to make your stomach 'SAFE' before we do anything else.


We need to…


Soothe the tissue


Acidify the pH


Fortify upper gastric secretions and


Elevate populations of beneficial microbes


This acronym is aptly named, because until we take the step of fixing stomach function, everything that enters your person through ingestion - food, microbes, toxins – remains in a dangerous form well-poised to activate your immune system. And this is true no matter how clean you’re eating.

We need to make these things SAFE for our bodies to ingest by properly breaking them down - and that’s accomplished by following the four steps listed above ^ - in order (order always matters).

So in the next and last part of this series, we’ll talk about the first component of the ‘SAFE’ framework: soothing your tissue.

This non-negotiable, quick, easy, and inexpensive baby-step will serve as the foundational healing piece on your road to a proper functioning stomach and immune system.