THE proven system for fixing your stomach acid.

Inside, you'll get everything you need to fix your stomach function, so you can finally kick annoying food sensitivities + painful reflux to the curb for good.


What if you could nix acid symptoms and food sensitivities in the span of just four weeks?

Or, let me rephrase that:

What if, in just under a month, you could add an asset to your health that continues to strengthen your body long after you begin using it?


...An asset that fixes function while tackling annoying acid symptoms at the source...

...An asset that grows your resilience, your health, your confidence, and above all, your FREEDOM.


If you want that reality to be your reality, I’ve got something for you.


After helping myself, then dozens of clients through the process of fixing their stomach acid, I’ve packaged everything I know into one program so that you can stop hiding away at dinner time and get back out into a world... 

where food is pleasureful again!

This is the natural, low-tech, stress-free, BS-free approach to stomach acid.

And it works way better than your TUMs.

This is Your Personal HCl Challenge.


I've been where you are.


You want food to feel easy and fun again.

You need symptom relief - and you're ready to commit to a longer-term solution.

You also have way too much information coming in on all sides about "what to do for your gut."

You're over trying to be more 'disciplined' with restriction in your life - it never seems to end!

You're tired of feeling like you have a dependency on the TUMs or other digestive aids.

And you wish there was a way to easily and quickly help your body and make it less sensitive.


Good news!

I help my clients with those same problems every single day.

And if you're like any of them, you've probably made some of the same mistakes.


Mistakes like thinking...

"I don't need to worry about my stomach acid because I don't have digestive issues."


THE TRUTH: Literature shows that non-digestive inflammation is still gut-related, and the gut starts with your stomach.


"My digestive issues are in my intestines. I have candida/SIBO/other type of dysbiosis."

THE TRUTH: If you have intestinal issues: you've got low stomach acid. That's how the pathogens, parasites, and opportunists got there! 

"I have too much stomach acid because I have GERD/acid reflux/heartburn."

THE TRUTH: Turns out, acid reflux and heartburn are caused by acid in the wrong places due to a signalling misfire caused by LOW stomach acid. That's right, people with acidic symptoms have too little acid.

"I can just use Apple Cider Vinegar or Digestive Bitters."

THE TRUTH: While Apple Cider Vinegar and Bitters can be useful, they're not strong enough to rebalance your stomach pH. And, ACV will do a lot of damage on the way down as the acid comes into contact with your teeth, throat, and esophagus.

"My clean diet will fix my stomach acid."


THE TRUTH: Implementing a nutrient-dense diet - which usually means embracing more quality proteins and fats - can actually be quite dangerous without sufficient stomach acid. Proteins and fats require a higher amount of stomach acid to digest than carbohydrates.

"I'll just use the random directions on the internet for an HCl Challenge instead."

THE TRUTH: This set of methods is pretty risky. HCl Challenges use high doses of Betaine HCl right away, with no prep-work. They fail to account for bioindividuality, move at a neck-breaking pace, and greatly increase the chances of negative side-effects (usually "lots of burning" - ouch).

But letting go of these mistakes and embracing Your Personal HCl Challenge, means a future where...


You're less sensitive to food and your body's natural function is restored...

You get more nutrients out of the foods you're eating right now, without any more dietary changes...

You eat comfortably, without needing a handful of TUMs...

You can relax at restaurants or at dinner parties knowing you won't have horrible food reactions...

You achieve all of the above with an enjoyable, repeatable process that makes you healthier and healthier over time...

All of that's possible inside of Your Personal HCl Challenge.


Join today! 


So who made this thing?

Hi, I'm Lucy Nepstad, creator of Your Personal HCl Challenge!

I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who helps autoimmune and digestive clients to get at the root cause of their symptoms through intensive gut work.

You'll find me regularly nerding-out on personality tests, a good David Attenborough doc, weird and ugly animals (I'm looking at you, toads!) - and all things gut!

My greatest joys are my health and freedom— and helping others to reclaim theirs. Let's get you off the couch and into the world. 


This is years in the making! I've translated all of the most efficacious methods I use in my private practice to help clients see results into easy, convenient online courses - to scale impact and get the material into the hands of those who need it most.

Stomach acid is the single most underestimated tool I see people overlook.

And this isn't surprising: there are no standardized methods currently available on how to fix this problem safely and effectively.

This is what drove me to package my exact step-by-step system that I'm sharing that with you inside Your Personal HCl Challenge. 

With plug-and-play templates, fill-in-the-blank workbooks, video tutorials, and a proven, step-by-step system, I've got you covered.

Heck, even if you don't have any of the other diet or lifestyle pieces in place, this will be a quick win that you can build on!

Food resilience is within reach.

Let me help you get closer.

Praise for Lucy:

Amalie says...


"Lucy is incredible! I am in awe of the energy that comes with moving past constant pain, and the freedom that comes from not being afraid of food/eating for the discomfort it may cause. I truly didn't realize how much my unhappy gut was inhibiting my lifestyle until I started to feel better. I will be forever grateful for her guidance and support!"

Hannah says...


"After testing for mold and heavy metals 5 years ago, I have been searching for help everywhere. I went from doctor to doctor, but each one just put me on a bunch of supplements. I probably spent $5000 or more over the years. A few weeks into Lucy's program and I was off of almost all of them and feeling better than I had in years. After years of searching I feel like I finally have hope that I can heal."

Who is Your Personal HCl Challenge for?

Burning Symptoms


Miserable at mealtime with GERD, acid reflux, or heartburn? Great! We'll give you what you need to both wean off your PPI (pending doctor-approval) and nix those symptoms.

Digestive Distress


Whether you're not going enough or too often, whether you've got pain, gas, or bloating... we've got to take it from the top and fix the most foundational digestive player.

Autoimmune + Food Sensitive


We've got to resurrect your acid barrier to protect your intestines from infection, and we've got to better break down your food to make it less reactive to the immune system.

Maybe you want to increase your tolerance to more foods, and stop adding to your "no" list.

Maybe you've fallen down the google rabbit-hole, and have crowd-sourced tons of info on all things gut-related, but you still don't know where to get started.

Maybe you want to get off the Prilosec and Tums, but you're overwhelmed by the potential symptom fallout transitioning off of them without a plan.

Maybe you've overhauled your diet, cleaned it up, but you don't understand why you're not seeing more benefit - you don't seem to be absorbing the nutrients.

None of those should be—or need to be—reasons to not take action.

BUT if you are stuck on where to start…

Or better yet, you want to learn an easy, straight forward system on how to fix your stomach acid in 30 days....

Your Personal HCl Challenge is for you. 

What's inside Your Personal HCl Challenge?


Once you join, you are free to go through the course in your own time and in your own way since you have lifetime access.

That means that in just four short weeks, you can have that digestion back up and running like a sweet machine (and strong stomach acid to boot).

Here's what our signature Personal Challenge Process entails:



We'll kick things off by laying a few simple ground rules that have the potential to make or break your success in the process. We'll talk Success Factors, Symptom Tracking, and introduce you to your Toolkit. Last, you'll be sorted into one of four unique 'types' using our special quiz.



Here, you'll start following your type's Mucosa Repair Procedure, a unique process designed to strengthen and repair the digestive mucosa. This will provide needed symptom relief and prepare your tissue for introducing acid. We’ll use a combination of my favorite gut-healing nutrients to do this, and use an easy assessment to make sure you've hit specific benchmarks before you move forward.

We'll also cover how to evaluate your symptoms so you can make sure you're on track throughout the entire course process.



In Phase 3 you're taking the major step of introducing Betaine HCl. We don't take this lightly. We'll make sure you know exactly how to make sure you're tolerating it (and what to do if you're not there yet). We’ll also outline the basics for success with this supplement in the How to Use Betaine HCl lesson.



Now that you've confirmed you're able to tolerate Betaine HCl, we have to methodically wean you off your mucosa support – to ensure your tissue is ready for more! But we don’t want you going cold turkey. Instead, we'll teach you both of our unique Weaning Strategies that are the least likely to compromise your progress. (We’ll also cover what to do if you’re not quite ready to wean yet!)



Once you're off the mucosa support, it’s time for the penultimate, and perhaps, most important step of the entire process! You'll need to move your HCl dose upward to find your Betaine HCl dose. And because this is where many people can go wrong, we take great care in simplifying this process for you. We'll teach you our Titration Strategy and use our signature 3 Dosing Questions to help you easily hone in on your baseline dose. We’re getting way more sophisticated than just relying on "burning sensations" here. By the end of this phase you’ll be a master!



You're ready to learn our Dynamic Dosing system. When should you think about increasing your dose? Decreasing?  How much should you change it by? Life is full of variations that require you to understand when you may need to make adjustments, so we’ll talk about all of the most Common Scenarios where a more nuanced touch is needed, with plenty of examples for you to practice.



Using Betaine HCl can be a complex process, we've seen it time and time again. That's why we've dedicated an entire module to troubleshooting, in case it doesn't quite go to plan. We've got a continuously updated FAQ document where you can easily search for any questions you might have, and the Troubleshooting Funnelwhere we present common workarounds. We’ll also talk about how to think about bringing in more data if needed, and how to think about next steps.

But that's not all! When you join Your Personal HCl Challenge, you'll also get...

Rate Your State

(a $200 value)

A copy of our signature Symptom Tracking System.

The Success Factors Checklist

(a $100 value)

An easy all-in-one place to make sure you're well-poised for stomach acid success. 

Trusted Product Guide

(a $100 value)

All of our trusted products with ordering and dosing information in one place.


Drink Your Zinc Taste Test 

(a $100 value)

An easy, DIY way to test your zinc status - a nutrient crucial for stomach acid production.

The Pylori No More Protocol

(a $300 value)

My trusty 4-pronged approach for naturally eradicating H. Pylori, with access to my favorite testing option.


10% off at Fullscript

(a $100+ value)

A lifetime discount for the full catalog of thousands of professional grade supplements.

The Upper Gastric Questionnaire

(a $200 value)

A specially-designed quiz to pinpoint your unique needs for stomach acid support.


Personal Challenge Process

(a $400 value)

Our unique system developed to personalize and optimize your Betaine HCl dose.

A total value of $3200+


Get started today for just $300.


Got questions? I've got answers.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


If Your Personal HCl Challenge truly does not help you, simply email us at least 2 completed Rate Your State worksheets with 1 completed Evaluation Form within 30 days of purchase, and we will issue you a full refund.

After those 30 days, you're stuck with us! (Though I think you'll see that's a very good thing. 😉)

You've read this far...


So I'm guessing you are done continuing to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own...

And you're ready to finally have a proven method for fixing your stomach acid - and your wonky digestion - for good.

You're ready for smooth and seamless digestion.

You're ready to stop taking those dangerous acid-blockers.

You're ready to start having more food experiences.

You're ready for a way to get back out there.

You're ready to ditch the food sensitivities.

You're ready for Your Personal HCl Challenge.

Choose an option below to get started:

Your Personal HCl Challenge


The Basic Program

  • Your Personal HCl Challenge E-Course (a $3200+ value)








Start With Your Stomach


Get the ENTIRE program!

  • The complete program, Start With Your Stomach (a $6000 value) 
  • Your Personal HCl Challenge E-Course
  • Galvanize Your Gastric E-Course
  • Probiotic Prowess E-Course
  • Over $1000 in bonuses!

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