Finally, an easy path to better fat + protein digestion, and a GI-tract that actually moves.

It's time to stop feeling so stopped up, and finally start to...

Inside, you'll get everything you need to support your bile and enzyme secretions for better drainage + detoxification ...and digesting fat + protein like a boss.


Tell me if this sounds like you...


⚡You want to add MORE protein and fat into your diet, but you seem to always have fallout when you do.

⚡You need to get your body's systems working smoothly again, you feel so stopped up.

⚡You have too many ideas from experts weighing in on how to do this.

⚡You've over trying to DIY all things gut health and falling down every Google rabbit hole to get an answer to every question you have.

⚡You're tired of feeling like you'll never get anywhere with your wonky digestion.

⚡You wish there was an easy way to start lowering your inflammation and digesting normal, healthy foods better.



I help my clients with those same problems every single day.

When I tell them we've got to focus on their upper gastric secretions - their bile and enzyme health - sometimes they're a bit wary, because most practitioners don't talk much about this stuff.

But this is foundational. These systems are pivotal for digestion, but also systemic health!

That's why I created a step-by-step walkthrough on providing this unique kind of support... for those looking to fill in their digestive "gaps" and who need help cleaning up the damage from long-term dysfunction. 


This is Galvanize Your Gastric.


If you're like any of my clients, you've probably made some of the same mistakes.

Mistakes like thinking...

"I don't have gallbladder issues so I don't need to worry about my bile health."

Bile is foundational to health, and doesn't always manifest it's dysfunction in the gallbladder. If you're constipated, can't digest fat well, have a congested liver, or deal with any kind of digestive distress - you NEED to be concerned about your bile.

"My pancreas is fine. I don't need to worry about enzymes."

It's true that the pancreas is one way enzymatic dysfunction can manifest, but it isn't the only way (and in fact by the time it shows up this way it means you've got a really serious problem!). Did you know enzymes are needed for every single chemical reaction in the human body? Optimizing your enzymes is great for digestion, but also imperative for global health. Joint pain? Fatigue? Immune problems? Enzymes, enzymes, enzymes!

"I have gallbladder/bile issues so I stay away from fats."

Oy. I know, some man in a white coat probably told you to do this, but this strategy deprives your body of the fatty acids it needs to quell inflammation, make needed hormones, and maintain cellular integrity. In short? You need fat! So let's focus on repairing function so that you can start enjoying fat again.

"I have lots of toxicity problems but no digestive trouble, I don't think I need to worry about this."

While bile and enzymes are crucial for optimizing digestion - both play a MAJOR role in detoxification and drainage function, making them incedible leverage points for non-digestive ailments. Enzymes break down toxins, and bile moves them out of your body. It's as simple as that.



There was a way to digest that fat and protein without fear and get all of the therapeutic nutrients...

There was a way to add an asset to your healing arsenal that helps your body long after you start using it...

You could finally have enough bandwidth to get back to the activities and foods that you love..

You could wake up everyday feeling better than the day before, literally healing while you were sleeping...

You could be seen as someone who cares about their body because of the confidence new tools would bring you...

You could impact people by sharing your gifts, and your knowledge, knowing you're healthy enough to serve.

All of that's possible inside Galvanize Your Gastric.

Join today!


So who made this thing?

Hi, I'm Lucy Nepstad, creator of Galvanize Your Gastric.

I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who helps autoimmune and digestive clients to get at the root cause of their symptoms through intensive gut work.

You'll find me regularly nerding-out on personality tests, a good David Attenborough doc, weird and ugly animals (I'm looking at you, toads!) - and all things gut!

My greatest joys are my health and freedom— and helping others to reclaim theirs. Let's get you off the couch and into the world. 


This is years in the making! I've translated all of the most efficacious methods I use in my private practice to help clients see results into easy, convenient online courses - to scale impact and get the material into the hands of those who need it most.

With step-by-step tutorials, personalized quizzes, product guides, and in-depth trainings, I've got you covered!

An immaculate gut is within reach - let me help you get closer.

Praise for Lucy:

Amalie says...

"Lucy is incredible! I am in awe of the energy that comes with moving past constant pain, and the freedom that comes from not being afraid of food/eating for the discomfort it may cause. I truly didn't realize how much my unhappy gut was inhibiting my lifestyle until I started to feel better. I will be forever grateful for her guidance and support!"

Hannah says...

"After testing for mold and heavy metals 5 years ago, I have been searching for help everywhere. I went from doctor to doctor, but each one just put me on a bunch of supplements. I probably spent $5000 or more on these over the years. A few weeks into Lucy's program and I was off of almost all of them and feeling better than I had in years. After years of searching I feel like I finally have hope that I can heal."

Who is Galvanize Your Gastric for?

Gallbladder Trouble

Whether you're gallbladder is gone, or whether it's still there but causing...

fat maldigestion
gallbladder pain

...then there's an especially inflamed biliary tract that needs support ASAP.

Blood Sugar Bummers

Want to get blood sugar back on track?

hormonal imbalances
metabolic syndromes like diabetes
strong cravings

Restoring our enzyme supply is how we heal pancreatic exhaustion and get these under control.

Toxicity Tendency

Conditions driven by toxicity and inflammation, especially those with:

Mold + chemical sensitivity
Heavy metal problems
Chronic infections
Inflammatory conditions

We've got to get your drainage and detoxification pathways open and moving again by supporting your bile and enzymes.

Basically this is for you if...


✅ You want to digest fat and protein without feeling like crap.

✅ You want to feel like your body is working more efficiently, it feels so stopped up.

✅ You've decided to focus more on repairing your gut but don't know where to get started.

✅ You've researched supplements and diets to help with this but you're overwhelmed by all of the random people telling you what to do.

✅ You've decided to take action but you're overwhelmed by overhauling what feels like your whole life.

✅ You want an easy, straightforward system for digesting, draining, and detoxifying using bile and enzyme support!


On the flip-side, if...


🤦‍♀️ You're looking for a "magic pill"...

🤦‍♀️ You don't believe in diet or lifestyle as valid health modalities...

🤦‍♀️ You're not interested in long-term strategies...

🤦‍♀️ You like to move fast and can't devote 30 minutes a day to your health...


...then this is probably not for you.

What's inside Galvanize Your Gastric?


You'll follow a simple 3-tiered approach as you move through the course.


First, you'll get acquainted with the tools you'll use in Galvanize Your Gastric. You'll take the Energize Your Enzymes and Build Your Bile Masterclasses. In each 60-minute in-depth teaching, you'll learn why bile and enzymes are crucial for both digestive AND systemic health.

You'll come away with a clear understanding about why bile is the single most overlooked player in digestion and drainage, AND why enzymes are necessary in every single process in the human body and why that matters.

We'll talk theory, physiology, and do literature reviews - but don't worry, I'll use silly metaphors to make sure it lands.



You've got one more pit stop before you can meaningfully implement healing strategies: personalization!

It's here that you'll take our proprietary G.A.P. Questionnaire (G.A.P. stands for Gallbladder and Pancreas). Your results will give you a unique priority which will guide the intnsity with which you apply the therapies suggested in the protocols.

We're stripping away any simplistic, one-size-fit-all ideas, and moving forward with the nuance you deserve as a unique individual!


After the work you've put into understanding WHY you need to take action, now it's time to apply the HOW.

You'll get access to the Build Your Bile and Energize Your Enzymes Game Plans. Each contains 5 simple action steps that represent my best, proprietary client strategies to get these systems up and running again - fast.

I share my food, lifestyle, and supplement strategies according to your priority level identified in the G.A.P. questionnaire, to help you hone in on your roadmap. You'll also learn how to track your progress in real time, and to make great decisions about what's next.


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There's more! You'll also get...

The Rate Your State Symptom Tracking System

($200 value)

Our signature system - symptom tracking has never been this sexy.

The GO-NO-MAYBE Foods List

($50 value)

One easy place for learn which foods to incorporate and which to avoid.

Lifetime 10% Discount at Fullscript 

($100+ value)

Instant access to thousands of professional grade supplements at the touch of a click.

Tech tutorials + video demonstrations

($50 value)

To help you put it all together and into practice.

The Pantry Clean Out

($200 value)

A step-by-step breakdown on how to ditch poor quality ingredients.

The 3 Prongs of Successful Bile Supplementation

($200 value)

Our proprietary method for repairing your bile health. 

Enzyme Supplementation 101

($200 value)

Easy, potent, and affordable - use these supplement methods on a forever basis.

Raw Food Guidance

($100 value)

My suggested approach for getting raw foods into the diet.


A total value of $1800+


Get started today for just $175


More Questions?

30 day Money back guarantee!

If Galvanize Your Gastric truly does not help you, simply email us at least 2 completed Rate Your State worksheets with 1 completed Evaluation Form within 30 days of purchase, and we will issue you a full refund.

After those 30 days, you're stuck with us! (Though I think you'll see that's a very good thing. 😉)

Still reading? You've got two options...

Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own...

Or, have a proven system for draining, detoxing, and digesting ... so you can finally fill in the gaps and build resilience.



So, are you ready?

You're ready to finally get healing fat and protein into your diet.
You're ready to stop feeling like your body's clean up systems are stuck in neutral.
You're ready to start taking action using a proven method that will get juices moving fast.
You're ready to see way more progress and have way more understanding.
You're ready for a way to get there with less stress, less overwhelm, more ease, and more vitality!
You're ready for Galvanize You Gastric.


Galvanize Your Gastric


The Basic Program

  • The Galvanize Your Gastric E-Course (an $1800+ value)








Start With Your Stomach


Get the ENTIRE program!

  • The complete program, Start With Your Stomach (a $5000 value) 
  • Your Personal HCl Challenge E-Course
  • Galvanize Your Gastric E-Course
  • Probiotic Prowess E-Course
  • Over $1000 in bonuses!

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